Lash Extensions

Seriously Stunning Lashes - bespoke designs

Lashes can be tailored for everyday wear, holidays, parties, looking super glam to natural

Our lash extensions are individual and semi-permanent. We may not be the cheapest in town, but we certainly are one of the best - so our clients tell us. All extensions are expertly applied one by one to give you gorgeous lashes that look like your own creating longer, thicker and fuller lashes. 

We have various lengths, curls, thicknesses, mink and silk lashes so we can create the look you want - whether you want eyelash extensions for everyday, holidays, weddings, parties, looking natural or glamourous. 

Still no idea?
Don’t worry, we will help you create your perfect set of lashes! All lash extensions treatments include a consultation to ensure we know what you want. 

How long do they last and how often can I top them up?
Lash extensions are said to last up to 2 months, which is dependent upon your lash cycle, the way you look after them and maintenance. However, only a few may last for 2 months - the average time we recommend you top your gorgeous lashes is every 2 to 3 weeks.

Why is aftercare so important?
Lash extensions can drop, fall, twist and turn within a few days/ weeks due to how you look after them, sleeping positions, cosmetics, the lash cycle, etc. Please click here for your Lashalicious lash extensions aftercare.

What next?
For bookings or enquiries, please email or call 07947 497 198

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