After you have had your eyelash extensions, we recommend the following to ensure your eyelashes last as long as possible. 

48 hours after the treatment

  • Saunas, jacuzzis, hot showers and steam should be avoided
  • Avoid direct jets of water
  • Avoid applying mascara
  • Please keep dry
  • General Lash Extensions Aftercare

General aftercare and maintenance

The better you look after them, the longer they an last!

  • Use waterbased products around face area i.e. oils will loosen the glue bond
  • Mascara is not necessary. If you do wear mascara, only use water-based mascaras (no waterproof mascaras)
  • Do not rub eyes
  • Pat dry after showers
  • Eyelash perming and curling will damage the lash extensions
  • Try to sleep on your back (rather than on your face/ lashes)

Lash Extensions Removal

  • The eyelash extensions will drop out naturally with your natural lashes
  • It is not recommended you pull them out, as this can cause pain and will damage your natural lashes.
  • If you would like them removed at any point, please contact us to remove them professionally 


  • Patch tests help to ensure your safety. It is still possible to have a reaction even if you have had a patch test after your treatment. If you experience redness, swelling, itchiness or any allergic reaction, please contact us immediately. We will remove the lashes free of charge. It is always advisable to seek medical help should the symptoms persist. 
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