Threading is a great way of removing hair from unwanted places, particuarly on the face. 

Why have threading?
It is healthier for the skin than waxing and gives no in-grown hairs. It is also inexpensive, fast and relatively painless suitable for all skin types. Threading is so precise and exact, it can remove hairs that are finer that those that can be waxed or plucked. 

Lashalicious gives you a pampering threading treatment with cleansing and grooming the brow for eyebrow tidies. 

Lashalicious Eyebrow Tidy
Our eyebrow tidy gets rid of the little hairs around the eyebrow giving you a lovely, clean shape. For complete eyebrow shaping, please see our HD brows. 

Threading around the face
Threading allows you to get rid of the unwanted hairs around the face, particuarly the little and finer hairs waxing cannot remove. We charge by the area. 

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